We train you remotly and
take full control of your orgasm

Are you ready to be locked up by Woman and
to permanently wear chastity device?

How to become our submissive

1. Pass the test

Test will help you find out if you fit in and whether you're really ready to be fully locked and controlled

2. Sign up and get the ID

You're not a person or human to us - you're a beast with an identifier, that needs to be under control

3. Get our lock by mail

The one you will lock on your chastity belt

4. The key to your lock
we store in the bank cell

Cell will be at Owner's disposal who will be out of your reach. This guarantees that you will not be able to manipulate / to blackmail / and get the key

5. From the moment of locking you are under our control

You will totally submit to one of the strict and cold blooded Key Holders, who will keep you under control

6. We send the key after passing the training and after you show us your good behavior

You will be locked and not having orgasm until you pass full training and we, taking into consideration your good behavior, will not consider you worth being unlocked

About ChastityFarm

You are here because of your need of control. Control over your orgasm, dick and balls. You want control over your life and each aspect of it. You want to be trained and nurtured. You're in desperate need of being pinned down with a heel and held under control by that heel.

You overfantasized, my boy, and now you think it's time you got locked and controlled for real? Did you take enough time to figure it out?

We don't play role games. We got you on lock which you won't be able to remove yourself!

Who will control you

Mistress Ann

Mistress Jessica

Mistress Nelly

Mistress Dana

Mistress Freya

Mistress Lisa

How will we train you

You are worthless to us. Just one of our submissives. You will not receive any peculiar treatment or approach. And all the locked submissives pass the same training and get trapped under the same type of control.

The process of your training will be executed with the help of our IT system. You won't be able to cheat it, you won't be able to pass through it. You won't be able to get on its feelings. You will become our full time slave. You will find yourself under total control and not capable of making your own decisions in any of your pitiful and pathetic life's realms. And all of it will be under our Mistresses' control.

You are already here. And we're aware that you have at least one of the powerful fetishes. We're aware that you can't live without your needs being satisfied. We're aware that you're in need of female domination, in need of being submissive and being controlled by a strict woman. We will know everything about you. You will tell us all yourself, waiting for us to get you locked by any means.

After locking your chastity belt with our lock, not only will you stop having orgasm, but you will also become our ultimate slave. And you will behave, whether you want it or not.

During the training you will be obliged to do our assignments on the daily basis. They include video reports (for conducting pose training and obedience), photo reports (inspection of the belt and your body), keeping a diary (for controlling discipline, carrying out various disgracing assignments.